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John J. Hresan, Overseer
In 1988, God gave me a startling vision of an ominous storm moving swiftly towards the United States.  Then, in 1998 Seed Harvest Ministries was established.  For what reason, I was not sure at the time.  Eventually, we felt led to combine an economic model with a just cause.  At the time it made no sense to me.  So, I waited and waited.  Well, it has been 15 years since we were called to start Seed Harvest Ministries and…. I finally understand why.  We’ve got BIG problems!


Monsanto and The New 21th Century MLM Model

In 1959, a company called Amway (American Way) was introduced to the American people as a new and exciting marketing idea. It was called MLM (multi-level marketing) and it was designed as a people to people, relationship marketing type of business. It became an instant success. Today, MLM is more commonly referred to as "Network Marketing" or a home based business.

Network marketing has lost much of its appeal due to high priced products and expensive autoships. It also has a bad reputation for having a 95% business failure rate and in my opinion suffers from a serious identity crisis. In addition, we must stop selling a bunch of average [ME TOO] products just to start another company. The network marketing model of the past was based on the idea that anyone could be successful by simply sharing new and exciting products or services with family and friends. It was a simple and straightforward model. Those days are long gone. So many things have changed and consumers are wise to the tactics of the old network marketing model. Because of all the skepticism surrounding this industry can you blame anyone for not wanting to be a part of it?

So what's next? (MLMA) multi-level marketing activism or if you prefer, network marketing activism. What needs to happen within the industry is to bring about some marketing innovation.

Most of us think Innovation is new technology, such as computers, software, cell phones and TV's, etc. That is true but it is more than just electronics. What is needed in this case is to come up with an entirely different approach as to how we present our offer. If we are unwilling to change with the times then we risk further damaging the industry. If our opening remarks continue to solicit negative responses then both buyer and seller will suffer. Example, have you heard of my XYZ product? Or, do you know of anybody who wants to earn some extra money? These questions may seem to make sense, but let me suggest that they will stop you dead in your tracks when your customer says they are not interested. By asking those kinds of questions, we put ourselves in situations where most of the time we get shot down before we ever really get started. Another way of looking at it, we would become D.O.A. (DEAD-ON-APPROACH). By using creative market innovation, we can change the way we initiate the conversation.

Here are two great examples of that type of of innovation. The most successful brand name in the world today is Apple. In the late 1990's however, Apple was close to bankruptcy. As a result of this company's financial struggles, they decided to bring back its co-founder Steve Jobs. Soon after his return, he decided that what his company needed to stay profitable was some good old fashion innovation. His next move would prove to be brilliant. Now, you would think that his idea would have had something to do with hardware improvement or a software upgrade. Instead, he decided that what was needed to bring this once successful company back from the dead, was to bring out a line of multi colored Mac computers. In other words they introduced some color into a very black and white (grey) computer industry. The result of his decision catapulted Apple to becoming the most recognized and successful brand in the world today.

The second example of innovation came from a company called YouTube. Vimeo was first to offer a way to upload videos onto the internet. They were ahead of YouTube by almost two years. What YouTube did next was ingenious as well as innovating. They added a share button to their technology which resulted in an explosion of their company's profits to the tune of 1.6 billion dollars. Today, they are hands down number one in their respective field. This is the kind of innovation that the network marketing industry desperately needs in the 21th century. Not pink computers, or share buttons, but something that is different and innovative.

After spending 40 years in this industry, I knew it was time to make some changes if I was to survive going forward. I began to envision a new marketing model (approach) that incorporated a worthwhile cause tied to a successful network marketing business plan. Merriam Webster defines activism as, a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. By raising the importance of a worthwhile (issue) cause, and linking it to a powerful system like network marketing we could like Apple bring innovation to our industry. By combining the two, (joint venture) we would bring in more recruits into the Networking industry that are passionate about their cause, and at the same time create a powerful hybrid sales force never before seen.

Initially, my thought processes turned to why the nutritional industry was birthed to begin with and that seemed like a good place to start. What I discovered is, if our food hadn't become nutritionally deficient, (dead) and chemically poisonous; there wouldn't have been a need for a supermarket of supplements. I was beginning to understand why in the last twenty years there was so much sickness and disease showing up everywhere. Even our children were now being stricken with adult diseases. Something had to be done.

Seed Harvest Ministries represents this new paradigm, (model). This new approach could help change the very high failure rate within the industry by increasing product loyalty and business retention since everything is forever tied to this innovated model. This could also help bring the network marketing industry back to being an exciting business opportunity.

Seed Harvest Ministries has teamed up with a one of a kind, never before seen nutritional company called "Joy to live". With their life changing products; their low Wal-Mart like pricing, and a new innovative approach for bringing marketers and consumers together, I am certain we can change the network marketing landscape. What better way to accomplish this objective than through strategic creative innovation. Our website is designed as both a marketing site as well as a resource center for exposing Monsanto and the problems facing us with genetically modified foods. Seed Harvest Ministries also has a fantastic four minute video that exposes the problems with GMO foods as well as offering a viable solution. Our video, "Heaven Says No To GMOs" is available through donations only. When handed out to prospects, this powerful one of a kind video becomes an excellent marketing tool that tells the GMO story and at the same time showcases for your customer "Joy to lives" one of a kind product Fulvia. This duel approach would be uniquely different and innovative to network marketing.

By using this explosive network marketing model, we can both educate consumers to the dangers of GMOs and provide a superior nutritional foundation. FULVIA which is our plant based mineral supplement, (nature in a capsule) is that foundation that will supply abundant health and vitality and at the same time offer a great business opportunity. This is the type of innovation that is needed to bring back the spark to the industry.

We can blaze a new trail that allows the marketer the opportunity to build on a powerful one of a kind story regarding GMOs. By exposing the truth behind Monsanto and their GMO façade, we can open doors in the network marketing industry in ways we haven't seen in decades. Instead of asking outdated questions that typically solicit knee jerk responses like, "Would you like to earn some extra money?", "Is this one of those pyramid deals? What if we opened up the conversation by asking a new kind of question, "Have you heard about what has happened to your families food supply?" By asking this kind of question the response would be very different. "No I haven't, what is happening?" In the end, you would have a educated consumer, who wants both answers and solutions. What a refreshing difference! This is a win-win for both the network marketer and consumer.

Capitalism today is under attack and network marketing may be the last bastion of the free enterprise system left in America. If we fail to jump start this industry soon, we might very well see a serious decline of income opportunities. Can we afford this to happen?

The time has finally come for a new approach to a timeless marketing idea. By exposing the destruction of our food supply, offering a one of a kind nutritional solution and an innovative network marketing model we can all make history! This is my idea of network marketing innovation!

To succeed in the MLM industry today you will most likely need creative market innovations, along with a sound strategy for accomplishing your goals. Let me suggest to you a time tested idea that may hold the key to the lock that has held you back from creating lasting residual income. Stop focusing exclusively on the money!

How many books have been written on wealth creation? How many have you read? I have read a library full of them. Have you ever asked yourself why you have been denied success in this industry?

Do you know who made all the money in this country during the great gold rushes? Not the prospectors, most of them went broke. It was the shop keepers that sold all the supplies to the prospectors. The lesson here, for many of us, may very well be to take our eyes off the prize just long enough to figure out what is really important and necessary for success.

What I am doing is putting people ahead of profits. Not an original idea mind you, but one that may pay big dividends by shifting the focus away from being all about the money.

I can assure you, our food and our family's wellbeing are far more important than just going for the gold. It's okay to dream, just get your priorities straight. Secondly, consider utilizing this dynamic plan of action to help you succeed with your "Joy to live" business. I am certain you can have whatever you want from the MLM industry if you're willing to adopt a proper attitude and a good ole fashion work ethic.

Don't give up. See you at the summit!!!

Get back to the person who shared this website with you and let's start networking today!

Thank you very much.

The views expressed by Seed Harvest Ministries are not necessarily those of Elite Marketing Alliance, DBA Joy to live.